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    Hi, I've recently bought my girlfriend a Palm Pixi off of a user here on Precentral. The phone came fine and activated fine, and just yesterday I upgraded the phone to 1.3.5 and installed Preware. While playing around with the phone I notice some of the songs I dragged and drop into the Pixi, the title doesn't appear in the Music Player Remix. It plays, but the title doesn't appear when on my Pre the same songs they appear fine. I've attached some screen captures to show what I mean.

    Also another issue is that the battery drained fast last night and I don't think it's normal. We went to sleep with the Pixi battery at 86% and woke up with the battery at 56%. Evdo was turned off, but TXT manager was running in the background. I'm going to run the phone without TXT manager to see if that's the cause. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Info on the phone:

    Palm Pixi: 1.3.5

    Aces Solitaire Pack
    Luna Manager
    Music Player (Remix)
    Topple Ball Mini
    Txt Manager

    Patches: 4x4 Icons v3, Actual Words Instead of Icons, Add Date- MM/DD/YY, Alarm Daily Options, Battery Icon as Percent, Call Duration in Call Log, Character Counter, Close on hangup, Data in Device Menu, Default to Month View, Enable Add/Delete Pages, Enable Landscape Email, Hide, Amazon, Music Player, Nascar, NFL, and SprintTV. Match State to Area Code, Open to Alarm List, Timestamps- Clean, Unthrottle download manager, and Wrap Pages.
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    Open the folder the songs are in on your PC and change the folder's view to 'details' (right-click > view > details) - is the 'Title' column empty?

    If the Pixi's battery life is similar to the Pre's (confirmation from someone who owns both?) there's nothing wrong with your battery...
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    I think laze is right. Otherwise, if his suggestion doesn't work, then try removing and reinstalling the music player app in Preware. That's the only other thing I would try - otherwise I'd be asking the same question!

    I have had great battery life with the Pixi, especially since 1.3.5 - although I charge mine on my Touchstone every night, so I've never really seen how much the battery changes overnight. Also, I do not have TXT manager downloaded.
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    The title column is empty because I usually clear all the mp3's I download from all those sites that plug their info in, but all my songs are like that and shows up on my palm pre. I put some other songs in the pixi that doesn't have a title in the column either and they show up it, it's only those three songs. I'll try reinstalling the music player and see if that helps.

    And for the battery I just thought it drained too fast with no usage, so I took off txt manager and it stayed at 100% all through out the night. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
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    Re-enter your ID tags. It's good practice and will undoubtedly solve your problem. There's a three page guide on 'beating your MP3 collection into shape' at Lifehacker:

    Part 1: Album Art
    Part 2: Volume Levelling
    Part 3: Metadata

    It's well worth a read but be warned, the overall process is very time consuming.
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