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    My wife is unable to get to bank of america's mobile site on her Pixi even though I can on my Pre. Both of us are trying to access

    Has anyone come across this issue? Also I was wondering if the iPhone agent spoof might fix the problem.

    I'm going to install the patch now but wanted to see if anyone else has had success.
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    Both sites pull up correctly for me. Didn't try logging on though.
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    Both sites did pull up correctly but wasn't able to log in. Applied the iPhone spoof patch and it now works.
    "Music is well said to be the speech of angels." - Thomas Carlyle
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    BofA must not have added the Pixi to it's "known devices" yet. They have always been really slow about this sort of thing. In fact, I'm surprised that the Pre was added right away.
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    How did you fix it? I just spent 45 min on the phone with BofA tech support and got nowhere...
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    Yeah I had to add the iphone spoof patch and now it lets me log in finally. I was really getting annoyed that i couldn't log in and the pixi isnt on the list "Known Devices" yet.
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    I'm having a lot of issues getting the iphone spoof patch working on the pixi plus. Followed all the directions in the thread on it, and it installed correctly, but it just didn't work.
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    nevermind. just got it.
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    Just had to exchange my pixi and without the iphone spoof patch the web pages look like crap, its amazing how much better they look with the patch.
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    Of course, the catch 22 of this is that the more people use that patch the less likely websites are to bother adding the WebOS browser to their lists. ha

    Just more iPhone traffic showing up, making them think that's the only advanced mobile browser they need to bother catering to.
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    Yeah thats true, but its the only way I can log into bank of america mobile banking. I emailed them about adding the pixi to the list of devices and they just gave me a link to the mobile banking FAQ, im like ***. If it wasn't for that i would've never even tried the iphone spoof patch, but I love how it makes look compared to the regular way it was without the patch.

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