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    I purchased a palm pixi on ebay was able to activate the phone from sprint online (clean ESN), but cannot sign in to my palm profile (switched wife's from pre to pixi). Originally the battery percentage icon patch was on the phone so I know the phone had been patched before. The person likely attempted to update the phone without removing the patches, essentially "bricking" the phone. Thanks to some precentral help I was able to connect and doctor the phone with 1.3.5 to remove all patches, but there still is no EVdo icon up top and I am still unable to connect to my palm profile...just checking if anyone had bright ideas before I take it to the sprint store or return the phone?
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    and yes, I am in an area of good service...and no I don't have the 1x icon either.
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    In 1X networks you have to call to activate the phone.

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    1x wasn't available either...took it to sprint, they had to re-provision the phone after doctored it back to fix the problem. thanks for the suggestion though.
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    i had this problem and i think the way i fixed was holding the power button down while i toggled the ringer mute switch three times.
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    I know this may sound dumb, but make sure the original phone (the one you're ESN swapping over from) is off. Then, do a Hard Reset - Sprint will walk you through it-. Then Power it on and it should activate.
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    thanks, i think the problem was partially sprint did not activate the phone properly...took it back and they were able to fix it.

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