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    Just got a Pixi today. I opened it from the box, did the 1.3.5 update and the FML and TFLN shake applications are messed up on my phone. I can shake it once and it keeps reloading different stories over and over so fast that I can't even read them before they change. Is anyone else experiencing this maybe with the new update? My husband has those two apps on his Pre and they are working just fine on his. Thanks so much for any advice! I had a palm pda once, but I am new to the palm phones! I also want to GREATLY extend my thanks and awe to everyone who writes apps, patches, etc, as I just don't understand how you do it! And thanks that they are all free or reasonably priced.
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    reinstall the apps
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    Sorry, I should have clarified a little. The very first thing I did was the update, then I downloaded the apps. It was brand new out of the box when I did the update. I've used fml and tfln on my husband's pre before which is why I knew about them and wanted them. Do you think I should still re-install them? He said it may be an issue as my phone is having a lot right now. A FEW...the ringer is on with volume up but it won't ring, the task bar hiding patch works sometimes, then other times my phone freezes and it comes back on then randomly goes away and comes back, can't download any apps from the catalog (which I've read on here), most of the games on my phone won't work such as M:Vampires and monster cups, won't access the internet, I answer calls and the caller can hear me but I can't hear anything, etc. Sorry my reply is so long. Do these all sound like update issues or did I maybe get a defective phone? Thanks so much for the help!
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    I just went through somewhat of the same problem myself. My phone was working great with 1.3.2 and when I updated to 1.3.5 I started having a lot of problems. I spent 3 hrs chatting and troubleshooting with Palm. I finally decided to go back to 1.3.2 and all problems were gone. Which showed me proved to me that it wasn't the phone. I then undated to 1.3.5 and it's working great. So it looks like the update just didn't install correctly. Palm said this happens sometimes. Give that a try and see how it works out.
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    well I heard that the games like M:vampires were not working after the 1.3.5 update and does you phone make a little sound when you close a card? I had that problem with the other person in the other phone couldn't hear me but sometimes when you plugg your head phones in it messes up for some reason and when you take em out well you can't hear anything threw the speaks or if you call some one. But yeah maybe it's your pixi that has the problem they might be something wrong with the accelerometer does the phone go into landscape mode if when you put it on it's side? But do try reinstalling the apps again.restart your phone also.
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    and yeah you could also downgrade to 1.3.2 and then go to 1.3.5 if you keep having problems take it to the sprint store! They might give a new one cause it's only been one day.
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    Thanks everyone. We're (my husband and I) are still trying to fix it. He wiped my phone last night and now the patches don't work. So we did the emergency patch recovery/repair?. It didn't remove my patches and they still don't work. And now, it won't let us delete them manually. He says he's going to wipe the USB partition. Hopefully that works. It does go into landscape mode. I too thought the accelerometers were messed up, but the hubby found a program that tested them and they said they were fine. Hopefully we'll figure it all out. Thanks so much for all of the advice and quick responses. I hope all of your phones are doing better!
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    Sometimes the accelerometer takes a second to register for me, especially if its loading something. I've had my pixi for about two days now, and one of the first things i had to do after updating to 1.3.5 was...Doctor it to 1.3.5. Make sure your contacts are correct in google or whatever you use. I ended up uploading them to gmail through a .csv, only to find out this morning that they weren't in the right sections, and my palm profile didn't register the numbers, just the names (the only items in the appropriatee slot). Also, when you use EPR make sure to do it BEFORE you wipe it or you'll end up with problems. Oh, and make sure the app store is working in 1.3.5. Final tip is to download Luna Manager in Preware if you use any themes, homebrew or patches.
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    you have to restart your phone when you run remergency patch recover. Then after that you see that the patches were removed but good luck with the pixi.
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    is there a way to turn the accelerometer off? Or change the sensitivity?
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