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    So my dad just got the Palm Pixi i have a hacked Pre well he wanted me to update it at first it worked then i restarted it because it was slow and i wanted to download it all again. Now it says "Checking for updates..." forever it never stops any idea how to fix this my Dad will be ****ed can someone help
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    Are you on a 1x data connection? Mine did that trying to update from 1.2.9 (fresh out of the box) to 1.3.1 because I tried to install the update on a 1x connection. I had to WebOS Doctor my phone to get the update. Supposedly 1.3.5 fixes the problem with not being able to update over 1x but I suspect you might have to doctor your dad's phone this time to fix it. Of course there might well be a much simpler solution, but that's how I fixed it.

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