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    Sorry if this has been explained before, but I tried to look through a few threads, but there seems to be a lot of info on this topic and I wasn't able to easily find what I need quickly. I have heard horror stories of people losing their contacts. I just tried to sign onto my Palm Profile and it says "email authorization failed" or something like that...anyways plan on contacting Palm since I just set it up when I bought my Pixi last week and have never signed onto it. A few basic things about me and my situation concerning my contacts.

    1. I know nothing about being a Dev. I just bought the Pixi cause I needed a new phone due to my Treo 650 finally giving out after about 4 years. I liked the Treo and wanted to stay with Palm.

    2. I stumbled across this site and would like to try to do some patches, but want to make sure that I have all of my stuff backed up in case things go crazy.

    3. I have never used Google or anything like that to store my contacts. Would be willing to do this if it was the easiest way.

    4. Until last week I used my Treo 650 and would Hot Sync it about once a month so all my contacts should still be on my computer via Palm Desktop or whatever that was called...that is the only place they have ever been.

    5. I guess I could put new contacts in my Treo since I still have it and don't add contacts too often, but that seems like a pain. If this is the only way how can I get the contacts from Palm Desktop to my Pixi?

    6. Backing up other stuff (ringtones, photos, etc) seems easy as it seems like I could treat my Pixi as a USB hard drive and just copy/paste stuff to my computer.

    7. Thanks for your help. I think that covers it...even though its thrown out there in a kind of confusing way.

    Thanks again

    Great Cornholio
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    Great Cornholio, are you threatening me?????
    There is no need to worry about patches, they are vetted before they are made available to users like us, and if something does goes wrong, there is the EPR (emergency patch removal) which will get you back to a reactively unaltered state. If it goes really wrong, use the web Dr, you'll return to a pristine state, and then your data will re-sync.
    In terms of contacts, you could export from Palm desktop to a csv file, and import to a new Gmail address, which then would automatically sync after being set up, HotSync is no longer needed. You probably want to have another outlet beyond your Palm profile, if you search, you'll find a few who have lost quite a bit of PIM data when using only the Palm profile.
    Using the Pixi as a USB drive to back up other stuff is a good idea, and rather easy.
    Happy New Year
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    As long as I have T P for my bunghole I'll be fine haha...

    I really would like some of the patches since they seem like good things to have (as in I wish Palm would have had that stuff available out of the box) I really want to do patches and know that webos dr will reset my phone to "factory default", but I'm worried about losing all of my contacts if I rely solely on Palm I guess the easiest way to sum up my post is...Besides Palm Profile what is the easiest way to back up my contacts (preferably right on my computer instead of online) But if its Gmail then guess its time to set up a Gmail account.
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    use gmail it's free. But if you really want the desktop sync look at CL USB Sync ($40) in app catalog.
    also look at Palm's DTA which will do a one time tranfer of your info from Palm Desktop to your Palm Profile which will then download to you phone.
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    Thanks for the info. Will prob just do Gmail since its free and from what I've read it seems like people have had good luck with it actually backing up the contacts and syncing them back to the phone. I feel pretty safe that the patches won't really mess up my phone as much as I may forget to uninstall them before and update and will have to run Web OS Dr and then have the double bad luck of having Palm lose my stuff too.
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    So I tried GMail and finally figured out how to make Palm Desktop do a vcard in order to import all of my contacts into Gmail. But I still have a few questions...
    1. Is this the only way to import contacts into Gmail?? Seem like a pain to do this every time.

    2. Is there a way to sync my phone with Gmail so that my phone automatically sends new contacts to Gmail?

    3. Assuming I mess up and need to start from scratch with my phone how do I get my contacts from Gmail to my phone?

    Sorry for the dumb questions...this stuff isn't my specialty...not crashing airplanes is what I do for a living so if you guys have any dumb questions about that let me know and I'll try to answer them.

    Once again thanks for your help.
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    Gmail is part of Palm Pre's Synergy. Just go to Contacts and add your Gmail account there. Your Pre will automatically sync all your changes.
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    Thanks. I figured that was just too easy that it would be done automatically like that. Now its time to get the phone working like it should with some patch action.

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