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    I'm on my third Palm Pixi.
    The first two refused to turn back on once the battery died. And this one, I plug the pixi into my car charger with the truck off, pixi charging. I turn the key to start the car, the power gets cut on the cigarette lighter to start the car, and the pixi goes dead the second i turn the key.

    I have it here plugged in and it's not responding to anything. Does anyone have ANY advice what I could possibly try to bring this pixi to life?

    Also, one of the two other broke pixi's just turns on with a GIANT battery picture on the screen with a red bar at the bottom. What is this? I leave it plugged in but it never comes to life!
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    Why not try charging from a wall outlet and see what happens?

    Try pulling out battery for a minute and then insert back and turn on /try to charge. I find it odd that you might just have 3 duds in a row....
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    try not to let it go completely dead. It uses it's processor to charge efficiently, unlike a lot of other phones I've had in the past. If you drain it completely and try to charge it, it will take around 20 minutes to get that initial 1 or 2%.
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    I call BS!! And there's nothing you can do that will change my opinion. Yes, I'm ignorant tonight!!

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