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    Before the new update preware worked without a problem. Then after the update it stopped working again, so i reinstalled it. After i reinstalled it, it still woldn't work. ( I did all of this with the preware Installer)

    Now im trying to get preware on my phone with quick install but the blue arrow doesn't work. When i click on it nothing happens. Can someone please help me?
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    Can anybody help me?
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    This has been mentioned ad nauseam in other threads so a search may have been helpful. I would suggest doing the following:

    1) Connect to WOSQI
    2) Delete Package Manager Service and Preware
    3) Reboot Luna
    4) Install Package Manager Service
    5) Reboot Luna
    6) Install Preware

    That might be too many steps, but it should work.
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    dont forget to run Emergency Migration Helper as well either via WOSQI or preware
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    Do I need to run EMH if I did WOSDoctor, freshly installed 1.3.5, than Preware, etc etc?

    My App Catalog downloads work fine, Preware works with no problems. I'm okay, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FesterTreo View Post
    dont forget to run Emergency Migration Helper as well either via WOSQI or preware
    Ok.. installed it via Preware... restated luna.. now what? I don"t see it on the phone.. does it just run silently?? How do I verify it's doing anything?
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    It runs silently, the reboot was the work it had to do. Nothing else needs to be done. If you have any apps that dont work, just delete them and reinstall them and most problems are resolved.

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