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    Since the update i could only download like 5 apps and now i can't download anything. A little moon icon appeared on my applications list and i can't delete it, since then i can't download any more apps.
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    hmmmm...the icon sounds familiar. Maybe diffstat or something. I know i've seen it, but the one time I did see it, I tapped it and it said to reboot my phone. I did that and I never saw it again.
  3.    #3 that little moon icon is the one that appeared, the one that says sprint tv. but i haven't downloaded anything i don't remember i downloaded any apps with that symbol and I definitely haven't downloaded any themes.
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    need 3 more posts before i can post a link
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    2 more
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    last one
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    I added the link to my second post
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    i'll try by restarting the phone
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    Yes!!!!!! I restarted it and it worked again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    lol, 8 posts and you solved it all by yourself. Always start with a restart when having problems.
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    I have a pixi and haven't been able to add or delete apps after having installed 1.3.5. I spoke to the palm rep and he mention emergency migration might help. I tried it and still no luck.
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    I had that same moon icon a week ago when I tried to download a game but I figured it was something on palm's end because when I tried again the next day it worked fine. Maybe I restarted at some point.

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