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    I was playing with my phone in anticipation of downloading 1.3.5 (my reception at the house is typically only 1x) when I came across the bluetooth setting. I figured I don't need it, so I turned it off. Holy cow, what a revelation! My pixi used to always hesitate when switching screens in the launcher or scrolling (compared side by side with another pixi). Now it's like a whole different phone. Launcher comes up faster, everything scrolls better, camera is faster, the works. I was hoping 1.3.5 was going to be a speed improvement, but I can definitely live with this. If you haven't already (and if you don't need it), tap or drag down the battery icon and turn bluetooth off.

    Sorry I didn't figure this out sooner and hopefully all of you already had your bluetooth turned off, but for anybody like me who hasn't tweaked everything yet this is worth looking into.
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    Good find, I'm sure this will help some people
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    looks like new its on by default. First thing I did was turn it off. Glad it made your phone a little better
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    Perhaps it would be worth Palm switching Bluetooth off in their next update. Those who need it switched on can re-enable it and those that weren't aware it was on will see a speed boost.
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    It will probably help battery drain as well. Can anyone confirm that?
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