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    ok heres the deal. i got a new pixi for christmas and everything worked fine. last night i was listening to music on pandora using the speaker. a regular headphone jack was plugged into the pixi. thats when the spearker stoped working. now when i get a call the ring still goes over the speaker. just not when im trying to watch a video or listen to pandora. when i use the volume slider guy i can get sound to come out. any ideas?
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    after doing a reset and retreive backup my speaker doesnt work at all.
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    speaker phone works and ringers. but none for video or anything still
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    tried different videos?
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    yeah. Pandora doesn't play anymore. Any video doesn't have sound and sprint tv has no sound
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    Plug and unplug a headphone jack into it over and over again and see if you can get it unstuck.
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    I'll do that now
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    through the headphone jack it plays but not through speakers. I'll keep tryin
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    damn got it
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    Was it the plug and unplug trick?
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    that is was. Has worked fine all night tonight. Also updated the software on the phone.
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    There's a thread in the Palm Pre section, it's stickied. It highlights this problem and provides a step by step solution. I've tried linking to it but cannot.
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