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    I thought I saw this advertised somewhere but can't find it now. Is this offer still available and where is it available?

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    You can get the Pixi for $30 at Radioshack with a new contract. Thats where i got mine.
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    I got mine at Best Buy for $25. I walked in and they had the price at $100. I was gonna walk out and the guy was like whats up? I said, Im all set, Im gonna get the Pixi for my son online at, they have it for $25, thanks. He looks at me and says I can give it to you for $25. He was serious, within 5 minutes he added the line to my family account, got the Pixi for $26.99 (taxes) and I was out the door. My son is beyond excited having a phone like dads. I know Amazon and Walmart are advertising them cheap online but BB did right by me.

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