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    I have a Pre that I connect to my Vista x64 running WebOS QI and all runs good.

    I will be getting a Pixi in the family and was wondering if I can just hook up to the PC or if I have to do something different to get Preware on the Pixi?

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    i dont see why not
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    I have both and have done it. Just don't forget to enable Dev Mode!
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    Good to know. I've just added a Pixi to my family as well.
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    Yep, it works just fine.
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    sweet, off to loading preware on my wife's pixi!
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    Again, to be a parrot, yes you can. Why? Well, WOSQI and all of that is just a application to read information on a particular device that is plugged into it. It IS however a good idea to keep separate folders for each phone. For stuff that you have saved in there from other sites, such as themes, etc etc.
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    I have a Pre Plus and my wife a Pixi Plus. I loaded WOSQI on my Windows7 64bit PC and installed some tweaks and Preware on my Pre. No problem.

    A few days later, I attempted to install Preware on the Pixi, but hit a dead end.

    I started developer mode on the Pixi, restarted, hooked up to PC via USB, and pressed "Just Charge".

    Next, I opened up Quick Install on my PC, went to TWEAKS, pop-up box stating needs to install GNU Patch & DiffStat, I click YES, pop-up box stating will take up to one minute, I click OK.

    The files never download. This is where I hit a dead end. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Nobody has a suggestion for me on how to get the Pixi to work with WOSQI?
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    Do you have the latest 3.01 version of of wosqi?
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    I went to my PC to check and it prompted me to install 3.02. (I did have 3.01)
    When I did agree to install, it asked me what service provider I have (Verizon) and what phone I have (Pre or Pixi). I selected Pre.
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    Go to WosQI and press on the arrow pointing down, then go to the drop down menu and pick Pixi feeds and check those two (GNU Patch & DiffStat) to be installed. Sometime WosQI doesn't do it automatically and that's why you have to do it manually. Hope it helps.
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    I had a similair issue last night, I has WOSQI for my Pre plus, but I could not get my wife's Sprint Pixi to work properly.

    I ended up installing WOSQI on her profile on the same computer, let Novacmd run and it was all good after that.

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