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    I got my Pixi Tuesday. It was slow when I got it. It told me there was an update. (1.3.2, maybe?) I installed it. While it was installing, I looked up the update and it said there should be a speed boost when running multiple cards. I never really run more than two cards anyway so that wasn't my concern. My problem is basic stuff. It takes for ever for the phone to respond when I'm using one card. It shows the little circles that shows I clicked and then I'm stuck waiting for something to happen. If I'm on the main screen and click on the phone to call, I have to wait a good while before the dialer screen appears. The same thing happens when I try to click on texting, the web, the camera, etc. Does anyone else have this problem or is my phone defected or something?

    I REALLY love the look and feel of this phone. The facebook on the web is the best I have used in a while.

    BTW, I barely have ANYTHING installed on my phone. No music, just the free Topple Ball Lite from the app store.
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    Anyone? I want to take it back to Sprint to get another one, but I don't want to waste my time going if this is the actual speed of the phone.
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    You should wait for the update 1.3.5, there's a promise of a Pixi update to increase the speed and stability overall.
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    In the meantime you can try a soft-reset perhaps..remove battery or press the Sym + r + white button (bottom-left) buttons at the same time (may take a few presses). But yes, Pixi is a bit slower than what it should be, but Palm has stated the next update will help the performance issues.
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    the pixi may be a little slower but not like the op explains. There is a problem there. The first pixi I had was fast but had to return it because a bad earpiece speaker. The one I have now slows down a bit when the reception isn't the best. See if you still have the problem with the data turned off.
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    I've played with my wife's pixi enough so I think I can weigh in. I don't have those types of problems--running one or two cards--depending what they are. I've noticed google maps is super slow, and the web is sort of painful too...but most other apps and cards work reasonably quickly, even with not much of a signal...
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    Welcome to the forums.

    I don't have a Pixi but let me do a quick comparison for you on my Pre using the technically sound 'one elephant' method:

    Camera - two elephants
    Mail - three elephants
    Dialer - three elephants
    Web - three elephants
    Messages - three elephants

    As mentioned above, 1.3.5 is meant to bring further speed improvements to the Pixi and is due out very soon so hold tight!
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    1.3.5 isn't going to speed either phone up that much. the pre is a superior phone, no doubt but the design of the pixi is tons better. im really only hoping for a battery life increase with the next update for both phones. extended batteries just make these phones look like monstrous bricks.
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    The 1350 one fits just like the 1150 one tho. its the exta big ones that are so giant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kirk0625 View Post
    The 1350 one fits just like the 1150 one tho. its the exta big ones that are so giant.
    yeah ill have to look into one of those 1350's.
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    Here it is, in the PreCentral Store:
    Seidio Innocell 1350
    LG Rumor -> HTC Touch -> Palm Pixi -> Palm Pre+ (if they ever bring it to Sprint)

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