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    Is there any app to record video on the Palm Pixi? If so what is it called in the PreCentral App Gallery Feed?
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    isnt there a beta app out there. My Barber (yea my barber) who has a Pre had a homebrew Video Recorder app. You couldnt see what you were recording, but it still recorded. I'll ask him what it was called. Not sure if it will work on the pixi.
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    It called Precorder and no I do not think it will work on the Pixi.
    Go to that thread and read the posts there. Then if you don't find your answer, post your question there.
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    Yeah, just tried it and it doesn't work with the Pixi.
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    as of now it doesnt work on the pixi. it will install and say its recording but no videos show.
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    Ah dang, thats not cool xD. Anyone think there will be a Precorder update for Pixi?
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    Video recording is something that webOS will support in a future update. It's always been spoken about with the Pre in mind but I can't see the Pixi being left out of the party.
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