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    Get Paid $5 for “Buying” a Palm Pixi (with 2yr subscription)

    Get Paid $5 for “Buying” a Palm Pixi (with 2yr subscription)

    While Amazon has had the best deal on a Palm Pixi from some time ($25), and just passed it. If you use Bing's Cash Back program to buy the phone at Wirefly, you actually make $5. I thought that the Palm Pixi would be free with contract someday, I just didn't think it would less than free. How does it work?

    Go to this Bing search for Wirefly and click on the ad at the top that says "Bing Cashback". It will take you to the Wirefly website and you can purchase the Palm Pixi for $44.99. You should see in the write up that you'll get $50 cash back from Bing. I have yet to use Bing Cashback, but it's highly reputable and comes from Microsoft (as owner of Bing, naturally). So there you go, spend $45 to get $50 back. Of course there's that pesky 2yr subscription, but that's standard with almost any phone purchase nowadays.

    Side note: You can use this deal to get a Palm Pre for some $49... another great bargain.

    This deal may go quick, so don't waste time.
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    Cracking deal!
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    I have used cashback for a while and had no problems with it, even used it in its former Live cashback.

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