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    I've been a long time palm user and a few days ago moved from the centro to the pre, which i was looking forward to. Still trying to get IT to help with synching (outlook exchange). I'm planning on using pocket mirror, but am having problems with that. I love the form factor and the touchstones(2), but really miss some of the simple features of the centro, such as any key disabling ringer, toggle to answer, toggle to select web options, speed dial, etc.Unless I'm missing something (and I have searched), there may be a way to improve these issues - Preware? I still don't get it. Any help or advice? thanks

    sorry i meant this for the pre topic
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    You can still set keyboard shortcuts to call people, such as holding down a certain key. To set this go to the contact you want to assign a key to, hit the contacts drop down and select set speed dial. The other features are sure to follow in future updates. The exchange setup is fairly simple, an easy way to get the certificate on the phone is to visit the outlook web access site for your exchange server, assuming it is available from anywhere outside your office. The first time you log into your server it will ask you to add the certificate, then you can set up the exchange server in your mail or calendar. Hope this helps.
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    FWIW---Former centro user here & it took me awhile to get used to the PRE. I missed a lot of features from the centro...calendar ease of use, voice recorder, calendar search, video recorder, etc. I kept the phone w/hopes of it improving. But my PRE battery was so bad I ended up getting a Hero to try...and I love it. It's like the PRE & Centro combined. I got the PRE replaced by Sprint due to the battery so now I have both. I find I use the Hero for more daily organizational use & use the PRE for web use. The keyboard on Hero takes getting used to but I really like the phone. I think that if you liked the centro you might like the Hero better than PRE. Mind you I never did preware or patches...
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    Thanks for the help and advice; I thought that when I was due to upgrade, the pre would be more trouble free by then. And part of it is I'm not a techie and don't have tons of time to devote to it.

    Btw another thing I miss is not being able to search the entire phone (memos, tasks, notes on contacts). That was incredible helpful when recalling a contacts name or details
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    you should really look around a bit more for answers before you come to a conclusion. I am not a centro user so I cant relate to what the centro did but there are apps that can do your speed dial lists or you can use universal search to type your contacts initials and it pops their name up, you can map key presses to contacts etc.
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    I'll probably hang on to the pre; I do like a lot about it; for me though, the toggle and central button on the centro did everything. Instead of opening a slider, trying to remember which key is for who, i could dial with a couple clicks from the speed dial screen wo looking. It doesn't get any easier than that. Another issue I'm having is sync - I'd like to use pocket mirror, but Chapura isn't responding to emails clarifying my log-in and password.
    I don't mean to cut on the Pre, it is an incredible tool and I know I can get past these issues. Thanks for all the help and not flaming.
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    Fester, universal search on the Pre is a weak cousin to what was on the Treo and Centro. Search on the P-OS would search ALL the apps on the device, including email and the calendar. That's such a basic and obvious feature I'm still boggled by the fact that the new Palm didn't see it as a need.
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