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    So I wanted to come and let everyone know of some good news I heard today. One of my student workers has a Verizon Motorola Q (red and black version). Hers broke and when she did the replacement stuff through insurance she got a refurbished Q replacement which was also not working right. When she called back to complain, she was informed that she could either get another Q or hold on to what she has and they would send her a Pixi as the product replacement when it comes out on Verizon in a few months. She took that option. So it looks like at least the insurance company for Verizon (I'm on sprint so I don't know who it is) is considering the Pixi as the equal feature replacement for the Q.
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    This is good news! I for one have waited 6 months for pre to come out on Verizon and was wondering if I could pre-order (no pun intended).

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