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    The flexible usb port (charge) cover has stopped closing on my Pixi. I was amazed with the simplicity of the design but always concerned this would happen. It's less than two weeks old and in my opinion is the only flaw.... but in fact a showstopper for me.

    Anyone else experiencing this?
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    it's probably more or less the same piece of tat as on the Pre. I expect taht the hook at the end opposite the hinge is bent back or broken off. Mine lasted about a month on the Pre, exacerbated by the fact I'm opening it at least once a day to charge the phone.
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    its magnetic
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    Thanks chud, that got me on the right track.

    Here's what fixed it....
    1) I removed the cover
    2) There was a tiny sliver of metal stuck to the magnet where the charge cover closes
    3) The charge cover has a tiny indented slot where this metal had been dislodged from
    4) I removed the metal from the magnet and forced it back into the slit on the charge cover

    It closes normally now.... hopefully this is not an ongoing problem. Otherwise the phone rocks.

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