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    Do any of you have what looks like a burn mark on the back of your Pixi? It runs from the bottom to around the camera area.

    Do you think i should replace mine, or just buy another battery cover?

    (Replacing it is free, i got the phone 12 days ago.)
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    I would replace it if it is that new and free. don't think any type of burn mark could be a good thing.
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    A picture would be helpful.
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    Ok hold on.
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    i cant post pictures.
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    hold on
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    hold on.
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    i posted a picture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by koolkid09 View Post
    i posted a picture.
    I can't see any kind of mark in that picture.
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    [QUOTE=lopezpm;2096729]I can't see any kind of mark in that picture.[/QUOTE
    You don't see that oval shape around the back of the phone. It's really noticeable in person and makes the phone quite ugly.
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    The white spot? How sure are you it's a burn mark?
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    It's no white. You all may not know what I'm talking about because of the picture or my description but thank you all anyway. I'm just going to replace it.
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    This is your picture of your phone. all i really see is a faint white smudge below the palm logo. Unless your talking about the light color that goes all the way around the edge of the device, but i just assumed thats a reflection.

    Also, if your gonna get a new back cover, you may as well go for a touchstone cover. If you've never used one before, your gonna wonder how you went without it.
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    It's not the light color around the edge. It's the dark park in the middle. It didn't look like that when I bought it, and i haven't dropped it.

    Is the touchstone cover worth it without the charger thing?
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    well, the touchstone cover is only 20 bucks, plus its not flat, but has a texture to it. Almost looks like diamond plate, but not quite.

    If you plan to get a touchstone in the future, which i highly recommend, you may as well get the touchstone back cover now if you plan to replace the stock one.

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