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    So I am recieving my Pre in 1 to 2 business days from Asurion, and I've been thinking if I should exchange it for a Pixi.

    I know it has no WIFI, but Ive had my pre since it came out and I NEVER once used it, so thats irrelevant to me.

    Only thing I'm worried about is if it works well, and doesnt lag all the time or a lot like I've read on some reviews, I want to know what people are experiencing with their pixi's since they have it, and if you have used both, do you recomend it over the pre considering i dont care about wifi, and I'm ok with the 2 mp camera as well.

    Anything else not up to par? Is the screen size difference really that big of a deal?

    I just think its the best looking phone out there and Im dying to have that instead of the constant opening and closing of the pre.
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    I switched and love the pixi. The build quality in my opinion is way better. I don't notice much difference in the screen size unless I actually hold both the pre and pixi together. I also have expeienced no more lag on the pixi then I did on the pre. In some respects it seems snappier to me. Not having to slide that loose keyboard is really nice. I would suggest you stop in a sprint store and play with a pixi. That way you can compare them side by side, that's what I did and it helped in making my decision to switch.
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    If you value the build quality over the screen size, then go for the Pixi. I am sure the enabling of the GPU will all but nullify the speed difference.

    Obviously, network coverage is an area-specific thing. I am sure I could get by without wifi in Jax, FL, but I have it at home and at work (for now) and its faster than EV-DO. I would find that difference too much to ignore. And then there's those updates...lets hope you have ubiquitous EVDO!

    Too bad Sprint doesnt have the Verizon version that has wifi.
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    I switched, love the pixi. No real lag difference between the two in my objective assessment.
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    I was one of the first in my area to purchase the Pre back in June, it was love at first use with the exception of the slide feature. I activated and de-activated my Pre several times trying to learn to love it but kept going back to my Treo 755p (at first) then my Blackberry Curve. I prefer the open feature because i'm a one-handed texter and just find it easier to use. I waited (somewhat) patiently for the Pixi, and kept waiting to get some real feedback before switching and I have to say I have been thrilled with it so far. I love the slim and narrow design (small hands, easier texting) and hardly notice the screen size is smaller. Like others I don't miss wifi a lot except when I'm running updates but not enough to switch back to my Pre.

    I'll hopefully be sticking to my Pixi (unless Sprint finally gets a Blackberry touchscreen w/qwerty keyboard) but find I can't let go of my Pre, just in case. lol
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    to the OP, have you actually played with the pixi at all in a sprint store? If not, i recommend it. What sold me on the pixi was just how small it is, and how well it feels in the hand. The screen size is smaller, but its still plenty big to see and read everything on the screen. I also like the fact that the back plate wraps all the way around the device, and the keyboard has a nice clickyness to it.

    Performance wise, its no more laggy than the pre in my experience. There were some videos somewhere showing the pre and pixi's performance side by side, but i think both of those were completely stock.
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    I just recently got mine and so far I love it. I had the Pre when it first came out and went through 2-3 of them because of build issues. I was so disappointed. I kind of expected the same with the Pixi, but I was pleasantly surprised. The keyboard is small but easy to use. I know you've heard of how small the phone is, but until you actually see it, it doesn't really hit you of how small it really is. After a little bit of use you forget how small it is and it's just comfortable to use. I was a big wifi user with other phones that had it and thought that would be deal breaker but because the data is pretty fast I don't miss it. The bezel on the sides are raised just enough that between that and the keyboard if you do place your phone face down the screen never touches the surface. As far as the lag goes, I've experienced minimal lag in some instances when I'm really hitting it hard. So I would expect a little lag. But nothing that would make you think it's a laggy phone or make you throw it out the window. I would say it more of a stutter than a lag. Also, the lag issues experienced by some reviewers was a bug that was fixed in the latest update. So any way good luck on your decision.
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    I think the pixi definitely has a noticeable lag. My wife has a pixi and i have a Pre.. when i use her phone, it is noticeably slower. We have just about the same amount of information/apps/patches on our phones..We're looking forward to the 1.3.5 update for her sake.
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    My wife has a pixi and I have a pre. Honestly I haven't noticed her phone lagging any more then mine wifi or no. I like the keyboard on her Pixi a lot more then the Pre. The only real complaint I Have with the Pixi is it's audio support for apps has some major issues. Over all I'd say just go with which ever one you like better look and feel wise.
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    i had the pre, lost it, and then got a pixi (since it was cheaper) and i have to say they are very similar phone. the one problem i had with the pre was that i did not like the sliding keyboard, it made the phone seem very fragile. but with the pixi, the build quality seems very solid and it is so light its hard to explain it until you actually hold one for yourself. The pixi compares very nicely so far speed wise with the pre, and so far I am very pleased with my decision to switch.

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