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    Here is the problem,
    When my phone is in sleep mode and I receive a text message and it wakes up to the screen, there is a very short time opportunity to see the message at the bottom of the phone before it goes back to sleep again and then I have to hit the top Power button to see the message again, quite a bit of I missing something or is there a patch possibly?

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    I don't know of a patch. But, you're right it is kinda a pain.
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    Has this been figured out yet because it is a bit annoying, lol. Any advice on how to lengthen the sleep time on this part would be awesome.
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    Yeah, this is frustrating! Especially coming from an iPhone where the screen stays on for plenty of time. I requested a patch for this a few months ago, but many replied that it couldn't be done (or rather, don't know how it could be done -- yet). Oh well
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    Hah, interesting post. I have the same problem but doesn't bug me too much; it does get a little aggravating though when I've read the first part of the text and it turns black and I have to go find it to read the whole thing, but such is life...there could be worse problems

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