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    Hi, I know this might sound like a simple question, but I am a longtime T-Mobile customer and am thinking about switching over to Sprint to get the Pixi. So say I purchase the Pixi and sign a contract with Sprint for a year or two. Now, if after a few months I decide that I don't want the phone and just want to sell it, is it easy to do? All I would have to do is remove my SIM card right? I just need to know if the phones are any different than phones from every other carrier.

    I really hope that I like the pixi but I am very particular when it comes to phones.

    Thanks in advance!
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    yes, you can, but Sprint/Verizon don't use SIM cards (except for international phones but it's not a primary SIM, it's only for overseas use) so you just do a factory restore of the phone to erase all your info and put your settings back to stock, etc etc etc.

    also, you can try the phone for 30 days with no obligation. if you decide you dont want the phone and want to stick with Tmobile, there is no penalty.
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    No SIM card on Sprint phones like the Pixi. You can wipe the phone and sell it, and replace it with another phone, though; presuming that you buy another Sprint phone outright to replace it with.
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    Thank you for your help!

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