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    I have both the Pre and the Pixi (which my daughter has conveniently hijacked), and I like them both, but the Pre is my preference. I travel a lot and WIFI is a must for me when there is no 3g coverage. One point, I have noticed that while the Pre apps, (both Homebrew and official), work fine on the Pixi. I have noticed that some like Wabbit Hunt, haven't been scaled for the Pixi's smaller screen. Has anyone else experience this?
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    We had the same issue with Wabbit hunt, my daughter's favorite thing to do on my Pre.
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    My office building kills my EVDO, wifi is a must for me. I can deal with the cosmetic shortcomings. Love my Pre.
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    dude i had the pre sense the day it came out loved it but went through five of them.....then when i went to get the sixth one the pixi just came out so i gave the pixi a try.....the phone is feels like its bult better(more durable) it is a lil slow with the smaller processor so if you hate a little bit dont get it. the keyboard is nicer clicks when u hit the buttons...overall i like my one pixi over my five pre's.....minus the no wifi and smaller screen and tiny bit slower i would recommend the pixi to anyone over the pre
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    I love my pre and got one for the wifey as well. Just bought my daughter (12yo) a Pixie for Xmas and she is thrilled. She has it all figured out and is going at it all 8 firing. Good! I think this will make her a smarter kid and be able to get in on the ground floor to be able to one day write programes and what not.
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    Love my Pre, still got the 060609 one.

    I could move to the Pixi if I had to, but I would miss the bigger screen and lack of wifi, and lower camera pixel.

    Daughter is getting a Pixi for Xmas and coming from a old beat up Centro, she will be very happy.
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    i love the little guy but i prefer my Pre
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