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    2010 will lead me to WebOS. Assuming both are available on Verizon it is going to be a tough choice between the Pre and the Pixi. Have good build quality and keyboard are essential for me. As long as the Pixi has Wifi and is as responsive as my 680 then I am okay with the slower speed.
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    I'm in the same boat as a lot of the people responding to this thread. I have been a Pre owner for a few months now and just a couple of days ago picked up a Pixi for my wife. Honestly I really do like the Pixi, but not enough to switch over from my Pre. For me the Pre feels a little more refined and high end where as the Pixi seems a little more utilitarian. Not that this is a bad thing (especially for my wife who destroys her phones) but the bigger brighter screen the concealed keyboard and the Wi-Fi definitely make the difference to me especially compared to the feel of the chunky rubberized back of the Pixi (touchstone cover). Now on the other hand if I was still working in the shipyard or as a mechanic I would easily prefer to have the Pixi for it's superior durability and simplicity. Before I picked up my Pre I was a diehard candybar form factor phone user whenever I could help it. Sliders and flip phones never appealed to me at all, although I did own a few. And even though the Pre's hardware is far from being perfect I have learned to live with it's little quirks and they don't bother me much anymore. If anything they have caused me to handle it more carefully which just means in the long run it will probably end up lasting longer than most of the other phones I have owned.

    But to the point, I do love the Pixi, It seems to run just a quick as my Pre and the keyboard definitely has a better feel to it. We had a couple software/firmware hiccups when we first picked it up, but once those were sorted out it seems to running smooth. My wife is still getting used to WebOS, coming from an Instinct, she has used my phone before but always with a bit of coaching. I keep telling her that once she gets used to how this OS works and feels every other phone is just going to feel slow and clumsy in comparison, or at least that's how it seems to me. Overall I really do like the Pixi and it definitely seems like it has the potential to attract even more users to the Palm brand and WebOS than the Pre ever could by it's self by appealing to a much broader range of users. I think Palm is definitely on the right track and this was the perfect device to follow the Pre, and I can't wait to see what they put out next.
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    I LOVE my Pixi. I got it a few weeks ago after having the HTC Hero for a month. It's faster and smoother and if there's one thing I learned about myself in my 30 days with a Hero - I must have a physical keyboard (before the Hero, I had the Centro for years).

    I had to decide between the Pre and the Pixi when I wanted to make the switch off of the Hero. I played with my brother's Pre for a long time and although I liked the screen size...REALLY liked it in fact...the form factor of the Pixi and the lovely lovely keyboard won me over.

    WebOS is second to none. From time to time, I notice a little lagginess (like, it doesn't follow my finger like butter, just stutters a bit - which to me, is no biggy)...and interestingly, I've noticed it a little more with 1.3.5 than 1.3.2. But again, it doesn't bother me much.

    I know Wifi is a deal-breaker for some, but in the entire month I had the Hero, I never even thought about turning it on....mostly because if I'm somewhere that has Wifi and I feel like surfing heavily, I have my little Mac on me. Regardless, the speed on the Pixi browser is just fine (my internet usage on my phone totals about 15 to 30 minutes a day). It's fast enough for me to grab it to check my fave blogs in the morning rather than opening up my laptop, so that's something.

    Screen size is a bit of an issue. I do miss the big beautiful screen of the Hero. But honestly, as long as I surf in landscape mode and I double tap to size the column correctly, it doesn't bother me much at all on the Pixi. Otherwise, the screen is perfectly adequate - really quite lovely other than the smaller size, and sacrificing the space on the screen for a physical keyboard is MORE than worth it for me.

    The pinch to zoom on the Pixi is so much more functional than with the Hero too (smooth rather than stuttery and inaccurate), so even though the screen size was bigger on the Hero, I am almost able to zoom easier and focus on what I want too, which makes it a better browsing experience. The speed difference between the Hero and the Pixi is negligible, as you can pretty much see in some comparison videos out there.

    Overall, it's an incredible upgrade for a girl who likes to email, texts a lot, likes to moderately surf the web, majorly uses the calendar, and enjoys messing with Homebrew apps and patches (I LOVE YOU, HOMEBREW FOLKS! Thank you for making WebOS even better.)
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