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    Hey all,

    I talked to Sprint today and ended up getting a Pixi for free, and my plan (currently a family 700 plan) will be upgraded to data. The upgrade will not take place until the 28th for some reason. Billing or something.

    Anyway, my Pixi will arrive Monday and I was assured that the phone will work without data, HOWEVER I don't know if WebOS uses data anyway, making my bill go through the roof.

    I'd appreciate some insight on this so I know whether or not to activate my phone now. I'd really like to not have to wait until the 28th, but I was told if I tell them to turn data on I'd be billed a lot higher this month because of partial month payments or some crap.

    Appreciate the help

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    I think you need data to set up your new phone. Palm needs to set up a profile for you and that uses data.
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    yeah you have to have data to use the pixi and it will use data ,but i believe they will prorate unlimited data for the rest of this month . but you should call and ask first just to be sure .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I would call definitely. It uses data and the charges would get very expensive.
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    Alright thanks guys. That's what I thought. I guess I will give them a call on Monday then, if it will need data anyway.
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    You got a bad CS rep. No way it takes weeks to change your plan and get data provisioned. When your Pixi arrives call Sprint again, they should make the plan change and activate your Pixi with data service within a few hours. By the way you'll get changed to an Everything Family plan. This will be prorated to the date you make the change.
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    Sounds good. I would have argued with her but she swore up and down that the Pixi would operate without data. I had a nagging feeling that it wasn't the case but I didn't have the phone yet anyway.

    Thanks again

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