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    i keep getting a no service error from novacom im trying to get preware on my pixi using windows vista. i have all necessary java,webos quick installer,and the preware installer but i cant' get novacom to work
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    Ok a couple points...

    When you try to install the Quick Install you MUST be in developer mode on your Palm...

    Make sure to take it out of developer mode when you are done as it can allow people to access the phone through blue tooth or Wifi connections and take control of your phone... No KNOWN instances of this yet but it is better to be safe then sorry.

    Also this install only works "out of the box" when you are using XP.

    You also want to turn off any security software you have running on your PC like virus checkers, fire walls etc if you can because they MAY prevent this from working.

    If you have Vista or Win 7 there are instructions on how to Manually load the Novacom driver. This is necessary because the normal driver is made to recognize and install in XP machines only. When you edit this file you are removing the check for it being an XP machine and SHOULD install on either Vista or Win 7. I have not verified this personally as I was able to do this with a couple of my XP machines without issue. (If you have no clue how to edit the file I can email you a copy of the edited file that SHOULD work if you give me your email address. Please only email in a PM. If you leave your email in the open forum you will get hit with spam mail. )

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    Can some one help me... i have save the WebOS QI and I have a new pixi when i go to opening it to run it says invaild file, or corrcupt file. im unable to run the installation. I understand that i have the WEBOS on my pixi but how do i get preware if Im unable to run the file. and also i am runningn the last version of JAVA, and Im on windows Vist, can some one help me please
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    I am having the same problem since updating to 1.3.2. and from reading I'm not the only one. I could use webOSquick install before the update but after no longer. Even though the Pixi indicates it is in developer mode but no go with USB connecting for quick install. This worked before the upgrade and I was able to install Preware and a few programs. USB still works for media portion of the device.

    Is your Pixi at 1.3.2?

    and had you ever been able to access developer mode.
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    sorri this is my first pixi, and yes I am using 1.3.2 or whatever.. i will try to install the preware installer and see if that works, but can't download or opening the WEBOS QI
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