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    I apologize if this is a stupid question...Does the Pixi NOT have Wifi? I have a Pre and my wife wants the Pre, but is now leaning towards the Pixi after playing with it. we went to the Sprint Coporate Store in my area and played with the phone and asked questions comparing the Pixi to other phones. She never mentioned the lack of Wifi. Is this true or have I been mislead by a internet site that listed this as a flaw? Please help and again, forgive my lack of knowledge.
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    It doesn't have WiFi. It seems to have been a decision to make it clear that the Pixi is a lower-end product.
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    no wifi on the pixi.

    no idea why, probably that its not that important to the demographic being targeted, also allows the phone to be a little smaller, and it distinguishes it from the more expensive pre.
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    I suspect differentiating it from the flagship, Pre, was the biggest reason for omitting wifi. Even on this board, many have considered switching from the Pre to the Pixi. I suspect a full-featured Pixi at half the price would just about kill the Pre.
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    if the pixi had wifi there would be basically NO reason to pay the extra $50 to get the pre. more people prefer the pixi's style but may choose the pre based on wifi, bigger screen, etc.

    wifi is nice but it's not a must have in my opinion, but for some business users it is and for them they have a pre, or iphone, or blackberry, or whatever.
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    I use my Pre for business and like my old Centro and Treo, having a data connection has saved me lots of time when I'm out of the office but it's not a life or death thing with me.

    But I don't use it for heavy computing nor do I want to, meaning wifi is a non-issue with me.

    I will probably trade for the Pixi within the next year because I love the form factor which is much more important to me when I'm handling the device numerous times per day and carrying it on my person. I want my internet access to be an afterthought and I'm don't care to go through the brain damage of locating and signing into a wifi connection. I don't use wifi now...if I can't get a no-brainer EVDO connection I just go without.
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    Is there anything else that separates the two besides the WiFi, screen/pic resolution, and the screen size? I know on the Pre we have an orange key, but on the Pixi it is white. Is this just for cost or does it not do everything the Pre's orange key does?

    Thanks! I've tried to find a side-by-side list of difference, but no luck.
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    The Pre also has a more powerful (albeit underclocked) processor and a 3 megapixel camera (vs the 2 megapixel one on the pixi).
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    Oh, and the white / orange keys serve the same function. Just different design aesthetics I suppose.
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    it doo have wyfy i am connteced to internets now
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    Quote Originally Posted by glamisfanatic View Post
    it doo have wyfy i am connteced to internets now
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    Good grief.

    Lack of wifi is a bit of a bummer. But for me, the forum factor was worth not having wifi, especially given that my area has rock solid EDVO coverage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glamisfanatic View Post
    it doo have wyfy i am connteced to internets now
    Ignoring your rather unique oratory style...

    Judging from your signature, it appears that you have a Pre. The original poster is asking whether or not the Pixi has built in WI-FI, which is does not. It is still capable of connecting to the internet with out WI-FI. Just at slower EDVO speeds.
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    My wife and I each have a Pre, and my oldest son just went out and bought a Pixi. Didn't think I'd like the Pixi, but I do. Only issues are the screen size and the screen being a little dim.

    I still love my Pre, but I could definitely live without WIFI in a Pixi.
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    I went from the Pre to the Tour now to the Pixi and don't mind the lack of Wifi
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    I have a Pre and I never, EVER turn on the WiFi. I just never need to. My wife has a Pixi and she loves it...never a complaint about lack of network speed.

    However, there are reasons you still might want to upgrade to a Pre, but the feature of WiFi isn't one of them. (Unless you need it for something specific.)

    Likewise, there are lots of things to complain about the Pixi, but lack of WiFi isn't one of them. (honestly, my wife loves the phone, but gets very frustrated with its quirks.)
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    I haven't experienced any difference between the Pre and Pixi besides the difference in camera...guess i got a good one. the keyboard on the Pixi is so much better, and overall the phone feels more solid.
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    The connectivity is very bad where I live. I have to have wifi. The Pixi is useless to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glamisfanatic View Post
    it doo have wyfy i am connteced to internets now
    oh really how'd you get that to work?

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