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    I have a Pixi that just started not being able to make outgoing calls. When you make a call from the Pixi, the target phone rings though you can't hear it in the Pixi. When the other party answers, neither can hear the other. If you call the Pixi, it works fine. If you restart the Pixi, the phone app will work properly again for a day or so. Then it fails the same way again.

    Has anyone seen this and if so, is a fix possible or is a phone replacement in order?

    We did put on the 1.3.2 upgrade and it made no difference.
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    I had the same problem so I exchanged my phone, but it did not fix the problem. I believe the issue is with my car's bluetooth system and the pixi. When I get out of the car, the pixi still shows that it is connected, and if I try to make a call all I hear is dead air. If I turn off the bluetooth on the phone (and then turn it back on if I want), I can make calls just fine. There is another post on this site about the pixi not disconnecting from a car's bluetooth, so I'm thinking that this is a common problem. My car is a nissan sentra, by the way.

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