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    My shift key seems to be less sensitive than the rest of my keys on my pixi. Basically, if I tap on it, it does not register the key was pressed. I need to hold it down for about half a second. This is unlike any other key on my pixi.

    Anyone else have this issue on their pixi?
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    I haven't really noticed it. I'll have to check. Perhaps it's a designed that way to prevent inadverdent shift key taps?
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    started having this problem with my " T " key. Not a half second but when typing it often doesn't register. Gonna exchange it... Really annoying
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    Yeah it's not a half second, more like a tenth to a quarter of a second. I also noticed that if I hold it down and shift my pressure around the key it registers a few clicks rather than just one. I'm thinking about exchanging it but then I could just leave it be since I barely use the shift key and it isn't half as bad as having problems with any other key really.

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