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    looked allover and haven't seen this anywhere...on ebay people are selling links to a sprint discount website, where you can get the phone for freeee!!!! new and upgraded.

    does anyone know about this, and if its true or just scammers?????
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    is 23 dollars really a bank breaker?

    haha, it's 15 dollars for the link alone.
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    well im looking to get an upgrade.. those low prices is only for the new accounts
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    go to Best Buy.

    we just got a Verizon Eris for 30 dollars as an upgrade on an existing account. prior to that, we got a Pixi on a new account for 25 dollars.
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    what Verizon Eris you talking about... i want a pixi or a pre
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    i was telling you to go to BestBuy to get the same price as an online store for your line upgrade. it doesnt matter if its verizon or sprint or at&t or what phone you want.

    by all means, jump on the eBay "deal" if you feel that's your safest bet.
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    I said upgrade... so it does matter... btw its a sprint upgrade!!! and im in a pixi forum... 1+1 = 2....

    any light bulb yet? lol
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    you tell me!

    i know this is a pixi forum. i know youre on sprint. i know you want to upgrade.

    go to Best Buy if you want to upgrade your Sprint account. they will match the online pricing of wal mart, amazon and wirefly.

    the online wal mart deal for the Eris is for new accounts only, yet Best Buy still gave my brother's girlfriend an Eris for 30 dollars on her existing account as an upgrade!
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    never mind.. i did some researching and its a employs only link... carry on
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