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    I brought my dad on to my family plan and gave him a Pixi for an early holiday present. Knowing what a pain it was to successfully port my data from my Treo/Palm desktop to my Pre, I undertook this for him. I got his data off his Palm PDA and onto a Google account that I set up for him. So, now his calendar and his contacts are "out there". I synched them to the Pixi and everything was fine.

    Today, when I took his phone to port his old number, I noticed a message "please re-enter google password" I did, and it rejected. So I tried again several times. When I went on to my laptop to try to log in, I received a message that the account had been frozen due to suspected improper usage. I don't understand this. All I did was put a bunch of contacts on (only about 134 of them) and add entries to a calendar. I did it with a software package that is designed for this purpose (Companionlink. Worked great.).

    I know Google has been increasing their security on things to help insure that their products don't get abused. But, don't they know that there are millions of iPhone, Pre, and various Android users out there, all doing the same thing? Didn't any of these manufacturers ask Google if it was OK if their users suddenly opened Google accounts and used it as their PIM?

    I filled out the "if you think you have received this message in error" form, and they were kind enough to tell me it could be a while before I hear back due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. But, I have never known Google to be terribly responsive. I once had a Gmail account and something happened on their end to the password (I knew it, they blew it), and the only listed email for the account was THAT particular gmail account. They said, due to security reasons, it was, effectively, a dead account and they couldn't reset the password. I hate to think that I need to set up a NEW Google account or Yahoo, or whatever, to sync his phone with.

    Any insight?
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    I don't have any solution for you w.r.t. how to get your google account back. However, I have noticed this problem happening with both my Pre and my son's Pixi. What I do to fix it is to remove the google account, wait for it to give me the message that it's been removed, and then re-add it. That usually takes care of it until the next time that I wipe & restore the phone.
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    OK... I don't read carefully at all. The account was temporarily disabled, pending my entering a cell phone number and them sending me a verification code. It's working now.

    Sorry for the wasted space.

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