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    I really want to get the Pixi, and I have tried it extensively at the store. It seems perfect in many ways. And yet I'm a bit scared by many of the reports here. At the same time I recognize that people experiencing problems are more likely to post than people with no problems at all. So, I would like to hear from people who are ecstatic with their Pixi, and aren't experiencing any of the problems (evdo lag, resets, usb, etc.). For all I know, the positive experiences vastly outweigh the negative. A nagging little voice inside me is comparing the construction of the pixi to 'cheap plastic giveaway calculators'. Please convince me otherwise--this phone is hitting a sweetspot for me, but I really don't want to sign up for a cycle of endless exchanges, hassle, etc. Thanks!
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    A nagging little voice inside me is comparing the construction of the pixi to 'cheap plastic giveaway calculators'
    That could not be possibly further from the truth. This is one sexy piece of hardware. It just feels right in my hand, and has a solid build quality.

    I haven't had any problems with the phone resetting, and I have no problem charging the phone via USB at all.

    The lag problem has only hit me when running multiple labor intensive apps while browsing the web. Other then that, it's a pretty snappy phone. I'm really digging WebOS. Plus the App Catalog , despite not having a million apps, has some pretty solid stuff. Note to mention the flourishing homebrew scene here.

    I got the phone because I wanted to try WebOS, but am not to keen on the Pre's form factor. It doesn't disappoint.
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    I'm glad to hear that. I did like everything I saw while in the store (liked webos, liked pinch zooming, liked the speed, etc.). I'm just a bit alarmed by some of the comments in this forum, and I wondered how widespread those experiences are.
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    Yeah, that almost scared me off as well. But I figured "What the hey?", most casual users that are happy aren't logging into a forum to sing the device's praises. Not to say it probably hasn't had issues with some users, but that happens (as you know) with any gadget, and on any gadget website.
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    IMHO, the best thing for you to do is not rely on the opinions of others that are always biased towards their own preferences. This means that even though the Pixi may or may not meet your needs, you won't be able to tell based on the reviews of others who are reporting whether or not it meets their needs.

    So take advantage of the 30 days that you have to evaluate it. If you're already a sprint customer and you're planning on replacing an existing phone, this evaluation will cost you essentially nothing. Before the 30 days is up, return the phone and get all your money back (including your activation fee). You aren't adding an additional monthly fee. You're already paying that, just on a different phone.

    If you're not a sprint customer, then to do the evaluation will result in a service fee for sprint for however long it takes you to evaluate the phone. This would be in addition to your current provider's service fee. So in that case the faster you evaluate and come to a conclusion the less it costs you.

    IMHO you're better off finding out for yourself if you're going to like the phone. And it's free (or very inexpensive) to do so.

    Good luck.
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    I've had mine since launch day and have not had any problems at all. I have have it slow down for about 20 seconds a couple times, but that is only when i was trying to watch videos when I had 5 other programs running.
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    I have also had my phone since launch day, and have had no real problems with it. Yes, there is a minor amount of lag on occasion, mostly when I am running an aftermarket app program or have several cards open at once. However, I have had a Pre, Touch Diamond, Instinct and they all had their bouts with lag or freezing and usually more severe than the Pixi. I've also played around with the Hero and Moment and experienced lag with them as well. I have noticed if I restart the phone once every 4-5 days, it does perform a little better. As far as the charging goes, I had one issue. It did not recognize the charger after syncing with iTunes. I restarted the phone and it worked fine after with no issues since. In my opinion, the build quality is very solid, and the battery life is good for a smartphone. After a 10 hr work day with heavy texting, some browsing and about 15 3-5 minute phone calls (All of which killed both Pre and Diamond) I still have 50-60% of my battery left. I originally went to BB to get a Hero, walked out with a Pixi and like it so far (and this is after hating the Pre and the initial WebOS issues).
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    my gf loves her pixi, and it's the first smartphone for her. I rather like it too, as it seems fast enough, the keyboard is better, and it's lighter and feels like it could handle abuse better than the slider on the pre.
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    I would go ahead and give it a try. The build quality is better than a Pre, and some of those problems are probably isolated, like the USB charging. If you don't like it for whatever reason, you can always return it within the 30 days and get another phone, but if there isn't anything wrong with it, you would have to pay the restocking fee. If you liked it in the Sprint store, though, I would go for it, and just get it.

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