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    shut down during phone call again today
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    I got on here to check this very problem. Mine has done it three or four times since I got it, but twice I had to plug it into the charger to get it back on- it would not just turn back on. It would be a major drag if this happened while out with no charger.

    If it is happening to many people, I am assuming it is not some lemon I got.

    BTW, I suggest we bookmark this thread should this not resolve and we need proof that it is nothing we did to the phone.

    Also to add in case confusion- this is with a fully charged battery- it did not turn off due to no charge.
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    I think it might have something to do with the way the rear door latches on...its not very scientific. it happened to me once with the factory door on but never with the touchstone door.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dusty78 View Post
    I think it might have something to do with the way the rear door latches on...its not very scientific. it happened to me once with the factory door on but never with the touchstone door.
    I mentioned back in post #10 that my wife's phone has done this a few times.

    She has the Touchstone's been on the phone since day 1 (we literally had the TS back BEFORE the phone!).
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    I think it doesnt really matter what door is on as long as you have a good seal. I have put the back door on before and later realized that a corner or portion wasnt fully seated correctly.
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    Itís happened to me a couple times. Once last night and once 2 weeks ago. Both times were in the evening and the battery was more than 50% both times. It is very aggravating, each time I sent a text and was waiting for a response only to check the phone and find it completely shut down!!!!
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    Anyone also getting freezes constantly where only removing the battery is the solution?
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    My first Pixi would restart 3-4 times a day. I noticed it started to do this shortly after I updated to Web OS 1.3.1. Not sure if it was the phone or the update so I took it back to the store to exchange for a new one. I have yet to update my new Pixi and everything works great, it has yet to randomly shut down. Also because I had backed up to my Palm account before I exchanged the phone all of my contact info from yahoo, etc. was uploaded to my new phone and gave me the ability to receive, send and forward text as well as emails as if I had updated.

    Just incase it's the update (1.3.1) my suggestion would be to back up to your Palm account and perform a full erase on your phone to reset it as if it were new (1.2.9), then log in to your Palm account to allow your phone to upload from your account to see if that helps with your phone resetting on its own. Also, you may want to back up your phone info to your computer as well just be on the safe side. Not positive this will fix this problem, but it may help. If everything works well after that I would stay away from the update until more information comes out and the fixes are done...believe me I know how frustrating it is to have your phone shut down and have to wait for it to come back on before you can use it. Good Luck!
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    I'm having problems with this, too. I posted the following on Palm's forums earlier today.

    I need help. I got a Pixi when my BB Pearl gave out on me mid-contract. The Pixi is shutting down on me spontaneously, a couple times a week. I can learn to deal with a short battery life, but having a narcoleptic phone just won't do. I have a week until the first 30 days are up, and I'm experiencing the same failure even after exchanging the Pixi. I've tried re-seating the battery on both phones, and that does not help. There is not impact or jolt to make this happen. Most commonly the phone will be laying on a table as I sleep with plenty of battery power. When I wake up, it will be turned off. After it boots up, it shows that it still plenty of power remaining (last night it had lost 17%, though I don't know at what point it shut down).

    I really like the concept of webOS. My personal phone is a Pre and I'm quite willing to deal with its quirkiness since I believe Palm is on track to complete this project in a reasonable amount of time. My girlfriend and I have a little business on the side, and keeping costs down is a factor. We use the Pixi as our business line, so it is mission critical. If we can't get an answer on how to resolve this, we're going to have to switch to a BB Curve. I don't want to do that, but I just may have to.

    Please help, or let me know if you're having similar experiences.
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    suffering from this as well....
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    My roommate's Pixi has done this as well. It shut off last night and then today when I picked it up off the desk it was off.
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    My girlfriend's Pixi would shut itself off every couple of days for the first couple of weeks she had it, but it hasn't been a problem lately. Could be a fluke, but it stopped after a battery pull.
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    same here, have not had a reset in a few days now. knocks on wood..
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    It is getting irritating. Shuts down whenever. Sometimes screen will not stay on when trying to dial to make a call.
    May have to go back, sad because I love the features of the phone.
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    The battery/phone heats up quite abit at different times. Is this a problem with the battery?
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    I'm getting the same problem. I will pick it up and find it off sometimes. Maybe about once every few days. I came from a blackberry pearl too, thinking about going back.
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    NxTech3 has it nailed. I took my phone in to the Sprint store and they performed a check of the system and the only thing that was wrong was a short in the battery. He swapped it out and my Pixi runs beautifully now.
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    I had my Pixi since 12/24/2009 and it has begun having that issue of sudden shut downs lately. I bought it through and I am returning it for another one. I love the phone except for this I hope I will not have that issue with the new one!
  19. puggo63
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    I received my replacement Pixi from after the issues with the original Pixi suddenly shutting down and - so far - no problems with the new phone. I must say that the customer service at both and Sprint were excellent, no problems whatsoever with the return.
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