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    Ok so with all the chatter on the other threads about CPU scaling and Smartflex for the there anything Palm Pixi users can do as a temporary fix for the lag issues. I understand that the lag issues can be associated to the 1.3.1 update and the phones radio and that neither of those patches are intended for the Pixi and SHOULD NOT be installed on the Pixi, but maybe (fingers crossed) someone can look into a patch of some sort similar to those seen for the Pre ...any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Pixi uses a different CPU so I would imagine that it would not turn out well.
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    all depends if the Pixi cpu has the scaling functions built into it and whether its running at max CPU speed or not.
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    SmartlFlex is Texas Instruments technology that is built into their chips that are used in the Pre. The Pixi uses a Qualcomm chip.
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    I haven't had any issues using CPU scaling since it is just built into Linux. Does anyone foresee any issues due to the pixi's CPU architechture?
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    Are you referring to Powersave CPU Scaling 500 MHZ on Preware? Wanted to try but scared to do it without hearing any feedback. Will defintiely give it a try if it is.
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    Yes that's the one I'm referring to. I had to manually update the file /etc/event.d/powersave-cpu-scaling after installing to get the stepping to work correctly. Since the Pixi has a 600Mhz cpu I changed scaling_max_freq to 600010 and scaling_min_freq to 122870. This allows the cpu to throttle the entire range. I haven't experienced any issues to this point.

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