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    Hey Everyone!

    I'm a proud owner of a Palm Pre, which I currently use as my personal mobile.

    i am looking at replacing my work mobile, and prefer a candybar qwerty form-factor... mainly cuz of durability.

    I was wondering, I am better off getting the palm treo pro now, or waiting for the palm pixi gsm to come out (if it will at all)? I quite like the WebOS, but am not sure how long it'll be before the GSM rear's its head..


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    WebOS> Windows Mobile

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    i don't really like windows mobile, but you get used to it. the pro is a great business phone.

    pros-wifi, fast, great form factor, memory card

    cons-small screen and notifications are verysmall. you could add window mobile to this i guess, but as i said, you get used to it. and you have lots of apps to choose from, so it's not like you go without
    WHEW HEW! What a ride!
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    I am also waiting for the GSM Pixi,what I am worried is that if there is exclusive contract like Pre between Palm and Sprint, which means that the GSM Pixi apprear half year later.

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