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    Quote Originally Posted by extra View Post
    They said they will not match 'online shops' prices.

    Where did you buy yours?

    what do you mean where?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevMeister View Post
    The best I could do was a ...compromise at $49.99 (for waiting for so long)...and the sales tax of the MSRP of the phone ($400?), not the sales price ($99) which made the grand total to about $92 out the door.
    At this point, why not just take the online retailer up on their offer. I got mine at Best Buy *only* because they matched. If they didn't match, then I was going to be happy to go to wirefly online and pay their price. Why not do that instead?
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    does not work in southern california albeit i only checked 4 best buys - fullerton, cerritos, city of industy and orange.. printed out both amazon and wirefly and called.. no price matching towards online retailer.. still just got a pixi..
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    I was also not able to convince the Best Buy in Westland, MI to price match Amazon. Seems only a few stores offer that..
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