I'm a webOS developer based in South OC. (Foothill Ranch). Until I'm able to buy some pixis without a contract, I'd like to meet with pixi owners in OC willing to let me do some hands on testing on their phone. Experience with the pre revealed testing on an emulator or remotely controlled device is not enough.

What I propose is meeting at a coffee shop or similar casual place that is near you (and hopefully me) You will need to have sided-load the application and ensured it launches before we meet. (I can help with that.) Typically I can do all needed testing in about 30 minutes.

In exchange, I'll buy you something to eat and drink while you are waiting and pay you $10 for use of device.

Any one interested can contact me via email
gxrxexg at sierrablanco dot com (remove x's in name)
or my phone is
521 then 0819 in 949 area code.

Greg Stevenson
Sierra Blanco Systems
Makers of SudokuPlus for Palm pre and pixi