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    So i was wondering if you could type in a different language. ex: in japanese or chinese? I know that the i phone lets you do that... any ideas on the palm? Also if there is a way to do it; if i were to send a text would the other person be able to view it in that font?
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    The Pre can display Chinese and Japanese characters, which you can see on some web pages. Also, if you use the "Translator" app, you can translate English into Chinese, for example, and then text or email the result. You can also use the InputKing Chinese/Japanese web-based input system, then copy the text and paste into a new email or SMS, or paste in the Notes app. However, there's no built-in input system for Asian characters. I think people in China have hacked the Pre to install a Chinese input system, but I don't know how to get it. If you can read Chinese, you could probably do a Google search for the answer.

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