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    Quote Originally Posted by CoobeyMeyer View Post
    Does the Pixi come with a little cloth pouch like the Pre did?
    Nope, no pouches or earphones - unfortunately.
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    I have the phantom skinz on mine but i can never get them perfect, i'm going to order the boxwave crystal skin.
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    I've had the Boxwave crystal on my Pre since August. I carry my phone naked in my shirt pocket, pants pocket (sometimes with change rattling around with it) or coat pocket. The screen protector almost looks new except for a little lint build up around the edges and you have to deliberately look to notice it.

    Love the Boxwave.
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    I have had Boxwave Crystal in the past for 755p, they are unmatched at fighting off scratches and optical clarity. bought some cheap ones on ebay a few months back for a $2 and they were easier to put on, but not nearly as durable.

    Boxwave crystal screen protectors

    not sure if it still works... coupon code: SNOW10PCT works from another user on a another site.

    When i get my pixi, i will likely get Boxwave Crystal.
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    Does the PIXI even need a screen protector? Just curious if anyone has experienced a scratch yet that doesn't have a protector on it.
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    what's everyone using as a screen protector? I just chipped the crap out mine, only had the stock screen on. I've used the zagg on my razr, the fit was ok, a little on the big side. Phantom skins sounds like another popular brand. Any others. Can't believe I let this happen, i'm pretty sure the screen would have been fine with something thicker.
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    How clear are these protectors? I had one on my Treo for a little bit, but it made the screen look horrible so I ended up taking it off after a few weeks. No idea what the company was, but it was years ago anyways. I would like to protect the Pixi screen, but don't want to really give up any screen clarity. I've had mine for about a month with no protection and it looks like it might have a scratch on it. Its super small and can only been seen in bright light and at an angle.
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