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    Very odd. I just picked up a Pixi for my wife and it won't ring. Yes I checked the mute switch. Regard less of the position it won't let me use the volume buttons to raise or lower the volume. It just shows the speaker with the line across it. Even using the Sound config., when moving the slider it just vibrates as if it was muted.

    Anyone else with this issue?
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    Just figured out the issue and it's a physical defect. I took the back cover off and tried playing with the mute switch. If I put it in the non-muted position and apply the slightest pressure up it will come out of mute mode. As soon as I release it, back to mute. Very disheartening to say the least.

    Palm really needs these phones to be top notch for them to survive and I just feel like they are dropping the ball. First the Oreo effect with the Pre (which mine has). Now another build issue with the mute switch.
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    I purchased one with the same problem. Had to return it for another.

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