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    Palm Inc. sent me touchstone charger only. They will "send when available" the back for Pixi.

    Did anyone get their back for touchstone ?

    last I checked Best Buy, Sprint Store, various web-sites do not offer it.

    Also, no one seems to sell ready to go screen protector. (hurry up Zagg!)
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    got my touchstone back at the sprint store...
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    I hope they get some sort of very thin / mimimal scree protector out there soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by hammersfd View Post
    got my touchstone back at the sprint store...
    Same here. I got a combo price for buying the TS and back cover at the same time.

    Palm Apps:

    jVault and jChecklist
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    Pixi TS backs are at most sprint stores, and are avail. through 19.99 + with sprint premier 25% off

    Ts alone is $35 free ship at amazon. OEM charger $9.97 on ebay.

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