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    My area is one of the original testing zone's for Sprint's new 4G/WiMax services. Does anyone know if the Palm Pixi supports 4G?
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    Pixi doesn't even have a WiFi radio... I would seriously doubt it was built with a hidden 4G radio.
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    To date, there are no 4G phones available.

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    no way I could see this being a hidden option bc they would have surely mentioned its use being available in the future no doubt
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    Ah, very disheartening. Thanks for the info.
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    no 4g phones anywhere yet but im sure they r making something now or at least developing some kind of prototype somewhere lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Well if money wasn't an issue you culd just lug around one of those WiMax to Wifi hot spot thingies. Then just use... er wait the Pixi doesn't have Wifi. Would work for the Pre though.

    [Note: I *honestly* forgot for a sec that the Pixi lacked wifi and was not making a snarky comment there]
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    I don't know about you guys but I remember the leap from 2.5G to 3G in terms of battery life and although I hope 4G improves on this, I doubt it because now our phones will need the power to pull down data quicker..etc.. Yeah, I think I'm okay with 3G phones for a few more years until the battery technology catches up.
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    Since Sprint has invested so much money in 4G, I think we will see phones out maybe late next year but what good will that do us? There is still quite a bit of catching up that the handsets have before they are ready.
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    We got our repeater tower installed last week at our store, i am blown away buy the speeds seen even before the tower was up, since the 4G is strong in the area now we have been working on completely reworking the network in the store to run everything for our day to day browsing and emails. we had 12 machines and an 8 Camera security system boging down an already slow verizon 3mb package, NOTHING else is available in the location, comcast quoted us close to 4 grand to a line ran to the complex and said they would try to get all the business' involved but that was almost a year ago, soooo much nicer now with the wimax, cant wait until its inside actual phones. they also are going door to door(clear) selling the household models that serve larger areas. its nuts how much they can get through the airwaves anymore.
    I know Pixi dont have 4G as well as Pre right now but i imagine future products to have them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ivhs72 View Post
    To date, there are no 4G phones available.
    Actually there is the HTC Max 4G. Just not from Sprint.

    HTC - Products - HTC MAX 4G - Overview
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    def. does not have wifi

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