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    Pixi replaced my Pre, what if anything can the Pre do without paying for a second service ? Pandora was working for a couple of hours after switch, Pre is now asking for Palm Profile sign-in. Is there a way to work around the Palm Profile to use Pandora via WiFi. p.s. Pixi is the best, small size, keyboard feel, battery life, EVDO does it for me.
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    You have to sign in to a Palm Profile to get past that screen. Until your signed in the phone is useless. You can call 911 and sprint, that's it.

    Also, you cant have one Palm Profile on 2 phones. So logging in on the Pre and Pixi would cause all sorts of headaches.
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    phone is not useless.

    you can bypass the profile screen and use wifi

    google for 'palm pre bypass activation' or something along the lines
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    Yes...Pre can be used with Wi-Fi only. You will lose the ability to do anything that requires cellular data (texting).

    Turning off your backup should help with it requesting profile login. Also look here:
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    Seems it is best to keep Pre as a back up/replacement, meta doctor is too intimating for me & as for using Palm Profile: I need Pixi signed in at all times for it is my primary device. Someday I might have the courage to try meta doctor, thanks though.
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    I had a Pre for a week and ended up returning it and going back to my Centro for a variety of reasons.

    I never understood what the big deal was with the WiFi.

    I work in a library that has WiFi. When I would switch the Pre to WiFi, it ran no faster. If I didn't use the browser for a while and then picked it back up, I had to re-sign in to the WiFi.

    If WiFi was no faster than 3G, what good is it? Does it save on battery drain? What am I missing?

    I ask because I hope to move to a Pre or Pixi once Palm works out the issues that turned me off it.

    Thank you for any help!
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    Yes, it saves a LOT on battery usage. And unless something is wrong, it should be a LOT faster.
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    I live in GSM-land and did not want to wait for the GSM Pre to reach Europe (not to mention a data-plan is too expensive for me anyway). Just bought a CDMA Pre on eBay and got it up and running thanks to meta-doctor, as mentioned earlier in a post.

    So I have a great time with it, relying on WiFi to do almost everything ... much better than I would have done with my (now-retired) Palm T|X.

    OK, no phone (my even older Nokia candybar phone still does a good job), but great PDA in the end (and finally not so expensive thanks to the current /$ rate).

    May someday go for a GSM Pre + data-plan, though ... when data-plan (and Pre!) price really drop a lot in my country (France).
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    You do know that the GSM Pre is available in Europe already?
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    Quote Originally Posted by badcarburetor View Post
    I never understood what the big deal was with the WiFi.
    1. If/when you disconnect your service, the phone loses all Internet connectivity.
    2. Internet cannot be used outside of cellular service areas.
    3. If you are not in a 3G area, the only way to update the firmware is to completely Doctor the phone... every time there's an update.

    Yeah, no big deal.
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