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    via my pixi? How to I get to the account home page through my handset, and how do I get to family locator log in?
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    Sprint account login is right on the main Sprint page at Don't know a thing about Family Locator. Does it use flash? If so you're SOL.
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    So...if I understand you correctly, I can no longer just get my account info through my handset directly, I have to actually go to the web site, like I would on my laptop?

    I dont like that at all. I like having all my account info visible from any on my handsets through one page that the handsets could access...without having to log in.

    Same with family locator. I havent been able to figure out how to get to the page that was formated specifically for handsets.
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    I never looked at my Sprint account via my old dumbphone so I can't comment on that....

    Sprint Family Locator has a mobile browser application that allows you to locate your family members from any mobile phone. Simply point your phone browser to and sign in with the same phone number and password you use to access Sprint Family Locator from your computer.
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    I cant access my account page directly from my pixi handset., eem through the sprint icon on the second page of the launcher. It gives me news, weather etc, categoroes, but nothing to access my account info.

    I'm not being stupid really, I just don't have that. Were talking about from the sprint powerdeck page yes?

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