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  • I switched to EVDO Rev 0/A and the lag is virtually gone

    0 0%
  • I switched to 1xrtt and the lag is virtually gone

    1 3.03%
  • I tried switching to EVDO and 1xrtt but neither cleared the lag

    0 0%
  • I haven't switched to either (still on default hybrid) and have yet to experience unbearable lag

    9 27.27%
  • I haven't switched to either (still on default hybrid) and the lag is unbearable

    3 9.09%
  • Don't own the pixi yet.

    20 60.61%
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    I'm just curious to see how this lag issue is going for people. About to pull the trigger on a pixi.
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    There's noticeable lag, and it gets annoying sometimes. It all depends what kind of user you are. The Pixi has a lower limit yes; but it's still slower than the Pre - from my experiences. If you're a power user, I don't recommend the Pixi whatsoever.

    Although, if you're a social person on the go; just going to be using voice, messaging, facebook, little photo shots, little media - then the Pixi is more than enough to satisfy your needs. Honestly, the smaller screen isn't too much of a bother; its just noticeable - it won't kill you.
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    On my son's Pixi, I simply don't see the lag. As soon as the video's finish uploading to YouTube, you can see in my video comparison that there's really no performance degredation between the Pre & the Pixi. There was only one exception to that. I did a comparison where I tried to open up as many cards as I could. I got to 20 on each device before I gave up. Somewhere around 16 cards (or so) on the Pixi, there was a period of non-responsiveness, that eventually went away.

    The video upload to YouTube will take a while. I've got a couple hundred megs to upload over a teensy broadband upload bandwidth. Hopefully all will be ready by tomorrow.
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    Before I got mine, I remember watching the video where Engadget was loading on the browser and was severely lagging. That was the first thing I tried once I got mine all setup and it was not a problem whatsoever. In fact, the whole phone still feels snappier than my Pre overall.
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    The reason I say "unbearable lag" in the poll is because I expect some lag as with any of these phones around these days. Especially when you are putting something like WebOS on a phone with a QWERTY/capacitive touch screen and making it the thinnest smartphone around.

    If it had wifi, this phone would dominate the market and give RIM a nice little reason to boost the creation of their webkit and find a way into the year 2010.
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    I hate to be the one to bring this up but, the last option in the poll, "Don't own a Pixi yet" shouldn't be there. The poll question is "How is your Pixi performing?"

    If you don't have a Pixi...don't vote!!

    To me, this option seems as useful as adding a seventh option that reads "I don't have a Pixi, have never used a Pixi, have yet to even SEE a Pixi in person...yet I find the lag to be totally unacceptable"
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    Actually, I put the option there as a way for people who do not own the pixi and wish to see the results without having to click "View Poll Results" every time.

    I guess I could have put... "Hey I want to see results without having to click an extra time"

    But then again, your input is totally appreciated man. You really made me feel like a *******.
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    after having my pixi for almost a week now (got it on release day) I am really noticing serious lag, it told me I had too many cards open when I had only one open. I still really like the phone, I'm sure palm will fix this prob, though they should have done more work to the update before releasing it so we don't have issues like this.
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    just recently used the pixi a lot for google maps/sprint nav while travelling and needless to say opening/closing those programs and having the browser, email and messaging tab open were really bad.

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