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    I just got my phone and it asked me to sign in to my profile. I thought I had made sure that there was no old data in there, but I guess I was wrong. I tried a Pre back in June and hated it. I returned it and went back to my Centro. Now I have a Pixi but after I entered in my email and password it started "restroing my backed up data..." and there is no options and no cancel! I don't want five month old data filling up my new phone. How do I wipe it and start fresh??? Thanks for any help!
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    Just delete the "data."
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    Ahhhh, yes, thanks! That's great. Just delete the "data." Why didn't I think of that? OK, let's seeeeeee....the "data"...where is that "Delete the Data" button....hmmmmmm. No, I don't see that option. Anyone have a helpful answer? TIA.
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    Use the webos doctor to restore the phone to new condition, it will ask you again to sign in to palm profile. Click "create new profile" this time. Just use a different email address and password. It will have no data to restore.
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    yeah, why would you sign into a profile if you didn't want to use it? Just create a new one.
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    WebOS is designed to restore your data if/when you get a new device or after a doctor. Additionally, my sarcastic friend, there is no way to edit the Palm profile data other than on the webOS device itself. Unless you created 1000 contacts and 1000 calendar appointments I can't see why this would be so hard for you to do.
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    If you go to the back up app and turn it off I think it deletes your profile.
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    ryleyinstl, sorry for the sarcasm, but I do indeed have thousands of contacts and appointments--in fact I have 12 years worth of PIM data. So yes, deleting manually seems impossible. Problems solved, however, with a call to Palm. Here's what I did:

    1) Go to the Backup app and turn it off with the option to delete the backup.
    2) Go to Device Info and do a full erase.

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    Nice, I thought you'd have to do a full web dr tip!
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    Not trying to be a smartarse here, but why save 12 years worth PIM? I assume "PIM" is tasks, calendar entries, etc, not just contacts.
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    Why save my data? I guess because I don't see any reason to delete it. You never know when you'll want to look up that old contact or see those old appointments. It's not like they're taking up valuable space or anything. I generally don't ever delete anything unless I have to--just my own personal policy, I guess. And yes, PIM stands for Personal Information Management (I think!)
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    Does that much PIM introduce any more lag to the contacts or calendar?

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