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    Was wondering if it is possible and how to put preware on the pixi.

    Also, is it safe?
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    Ive been a pixi user for 2 weeks now (yes i got it before it came out) i wanted to know how to load themes and apps on here. Ive never had a palm pre, so the software is new too me. I understand how to put pre software on it and i accidentally try to load a theme on it the way you load a theme on it when the pre and it just froze but the phone is fine, it just wouldnt load properly.
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    oh and to add onto that the WebOS quick Install is saying that im using the Boondock Saints theme i tried to download earlier and my pixi still has the same default screen as when i bought it
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    First start here:
    Just install preware instead of filecoaster if that is your preferred installer. To compare them take a look at this article:

    Most of the apps and themes that have been developed are designed for the pre, just a fact of life right now. However, many of the apps are scalable and should work just fine on the pixi. I am pretty sure themes for the Pixi will start showing up soon. I mean it has only been 4 days, jeez

    Hope that helps.
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