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    Does anyone know if My Tether works on the pixi? Is it processor specific?

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    From what I've heard it isn't compatible with 1.3.1, but it shouldn't be processor specific.
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    According to aonic's post, USB/BT tethering is working on 1.3.1 in the current released version. And he's got wifi tethering working in a currently unreleased version.

    [Updated] WebOS 1.3 Issues

    For Pixi w/no wifi, the current version should work
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    I have been unsuccessful to get BT or USB Tether working with MyTether, Win7 64bit, and my Pixi. If you get it working, please let me know. I may try rooting my device as I did with my Pre to see if anything stands out.

    I also posted about my experiences thus far here.
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