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    the processor would explode
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    you never know what can happen in the future.. Ha,ha,haaa
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    I really like my Sprint Pixi, but now I am kinda regretting not keeping my pre. These new patched to overclock a pre are amazing, and I am getting pretty darn jealous. So, simple question, anyone know if a Pixi overclock is imminent? Is the processor even strong enough to overclock?

    WebOSInternals just tweeted me back, guess we will wait and see: Twitter / WebOS Internals: @Schmid7y I'm waiting for ...
    I'm not aware of anyone with a working Pixi overclocking solution.

    If someone has one, WebOS Internals would be happy to support them with file hosting and kernel build infrastructure if they so desire.

    -- Rod
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    omg i love my pixi but overclocking <3 o0o nice mine runs pritty gud anyway but still can we install lunasysmgr overclocks? er i dno halp! lol
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